The war of words between Kanye West and Soulja Boy seems to be ongoing with Soulja Boy's latest rant about Ye and how he lost his wife to comedian Pete Davidson. 

Soulja Boy went at Ye over the dissolution of his marriage and saw his ex find love. He suggested that this is what the Chicagoan deserves for throwing shade at Soulja's way over the Donda verse. 

"Is you gon' keep posting memes of Marvel versus Capcom? Or you gon' lay the smackdown? That's what the f*ck you get n*gga," he said. "N*gga tried to play me. N*gga, you know the f**k I'm is? I'm Big Draco. Now you running around Hollywood, crying like a b*tch. [crying sounds] 'Help me.' F*ck you, Kanye!"