A 16-year-old Burger King employee was shot dead by her own co-worker in a staged robbery gone wrong. Niesha Harris-Brazell was working her shift at a Milwaukee Burger King on January 2nd when her best friend's father drove up to the drive-through window. Instead of making an order, Antonie Edwards attempted to pull off a pre-planned heist by threatening the employees near the register with a gun.

According to reports, this was all a part of a scheme that had been planned out by Antonie Edwards, his daughter Mariah and her best friend Niesha. But unfortunately for the latter, not everything went according to plan. As Antonie climbed out of the driver's seat of his Impala and peered over the railing of the drive-through window, Niesha tried to do her part by emptying out the register and shouting at her co-workers to do as the burglar asked. But that's when the unexpected happened. A gunshot was fired and Antonie Edwards was not the shooter.

In an effort to prevent the robbery and defend his co-workers from the intruder, another Burger King employee named Derrick Ellis attempted to shoot Antonie Edwards but instead, he fatally wounded Niesha with a bullet.

After the shooting, Antonie Edwards fled the murder scene but was later arrested based on the information that his daughter gave the authorities during an investigation. Following his arrest, Antonie Edwards corroborated his daughter's story but he did not implicate her in the crime whatsoever. 

Antoine Edwards, who has a lengthy criminal history, is being charged with Felony murder, intentionally contributing to the delinquency of a child, and possession of a firearm by a felon. His daughter, Mariah Edwards, has also been arrested, but it is uncertain what criminal charges she will face. Meanwhile, Derrick Ellis, the lone shooter from that infamous night, has been on the run since the incident. He at least faces charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm.

This investigation is ongoing. Stay tuned for more information about this story.

Source: FOX 6