Asian Doll is pretty active on social media, as the rapper goes viral a lot of different situations she has been involved in, along with keeping the memory alive of her ex-boyfriend, King Von. However, it seems one of Asian Doll’s tweets may have gotten on the wrong side of Fivio Foreign, who called the rapper out for lying on him.

Via Twitter, Asian Doll said, “I had my ski mask on at the bowling alley fivio gone say take that sh*t off & show that pretty face we wanna see that s**t.” Fivio Foreign retweeted her claim and said, “Wtf.. Wat type ov lie is dat. She da homie for sure.. but I gotta gurl.. Yu kno I ain’t moving like dat.” Asian Doll cleared the air about the tweet later on, saying “You know you my boy @FivioForeign & I was high as f**k & you know my body & I love yo b***h & you know I love my heartttttt that’s over there with you," she wrote back. "I’m just a viral b*tch. The way I’m not embarrassed is crazyyyyyyy.” Take a look above.