Gunna recently made an appearance on ‘The Breakfast Club,’ and the rapper was candid about many different topics, including his new album, rumors of him dating Chloe Bailey, and his issues with Freddie Gibbs.

The ‘DS4EVER’ artist was asked about Gibbs and went on to say Gibbs tried to make a song with him by contacting his manager after previously calling out Gunna on social media. Gunna noted that this played a part in why he dissed Gibbs on “poochie gown.”

“He tried to do a song with me through my manager. It's like, 'Huh? Wait, what?',” said Gunna, before explaining the alleged Crimestoppers video mentioned by Gibbs. Gunna continued speaking about Gibbs, saying, “It was a long, long, long time ago, maybe years ago, and he thought I forgot. I just don't forget. If I got a problem with you from five years ago, it's still [a problem]. It don't change. It can be ten years later. I'm gon' get you.” Watch above.