Kodak Black had a viral moment Tuesday evening after he was filmed engaging in what looked like a sexual encounter with a mystery woman during a professional hockey game. While a different angle revealed the woman was simply dancing on the rapper, viewers still had questions about the mystery woman as Kodak is believed to be engaged to real estate agent Maranda Johnson, with who he's expecting a child.

In additional social media posts, the mystery woman posted video clips of her at a recording studio with Kodak and talked about the two shopping together. After going viral with the rapper, the mystery woman was revealed to be rapper and former stripper Essence Monroe, who goes by "vvsnce" on social media.

In a 2018 interview with DJ Smallz Eyes (which can be viewed above), Monroe detailed her upbringing. She stated that her father passed away before she was born and her difficult home life caused her to run away multiple times before being placed in juvenile hall at 14. The Atlanta native later moved to Indiana with her mother, but being homesick and falling behind in school, due to the lack of education in juvenile hall, caused her to drop out at 16 and move back to Atlanta.

She also revealed that she began stripping at 16 years old after witnessing older friends make good money as exotic dancers.

"Never had a regular job ever," she said before explaining why she chose that profession over a regular job. "I was a runaway, for one, so it was kind of impossible for me to get a job. You have to have school records. When you're a minor and you're trying to get a job, there's certain stuff they require so I knew that was out of the question."

Monroe explained that she was able to strip as a minor because she had a fake ID and birth certificate made. She also added that she never danced naked because all of her dancing was done at after-hour spots.

After falling in love with music as a stripper, Monroe stopped dancing at 18 and started taking music seriously at 19. In a 2021 interview with DJ Smallz Eyes, she stated that she's been rapping for nearly 10 years and even signed a recording contract before getting out of the deal due to a breach of contract.

To hear more of her background, check out the 2018 interview above.