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Part 3: Dave Mays on "Unsigned Hype" Starting Eminem, Biggie & DMX's Careers
Part 1: Dave Mays on How He Launched 'The Source' while Attending Harvard


In the latest clip, Dave Mays explained how he became friends with Benzino and eventually brought him into The Source as a partner. In describing his relationship with Benzino, he revealed that he helped get the rapper's group, The Almighty RSO, their deal with Tommy Boy Records. After detailing the roles of the other partners he and co-founder John Shecter brought in, Mays revealed he raised $75,000 in his senior year at Harvard by selling a year's worth of ads to record labels that depended on The Source's support. With the newly acquired funds, Mays and Shecter moved to New York where they set up a small office and began to publish the magazine in a glossier look. Mays also pointed out that Chuck D was the first to give The Source its title as the Bible of Hip Hop.

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