An eighth-grader was left feeling "hurt and confused" after Kevin Durant publicly bashed his basketball move on Twitter Monday.

The Twitter account, Overtime, shared a clip of 13-year-old Jayden Moore pulling off a between-the-leg dribble into an around-the-back turnaround three-pointer. Although the Minneapolis teen committed a double-dribble violation (which the referee missed) and missed the shot, the caption to Overtime's clip read, "IDC THIS MOVE IS TUFF."

Despite racking up nearly 6 million views since it was posted, Kevin Durant was unimpressed by the clip. KD made his feelings known by responding to the tweet and writing, "This s*** stinks."

When another Twitter user pointed out that Kevin Durant was criticizing a child, KD responded, "It's about habits man."

Jayden Moore admitted to being "hurt and confused" by the NBA superstar's tweet and questioned why KD bashed him in such a dismissive manner.

"Like, what made him take time out of his day to say something negative instead of encouraging me or telling what really needs to be done and then texting me privately or something like that," Jayden said.

Jayden's mother, Valeta, also wondered what made Durant post such a tweet "during the week of Christmas," while Jayden's coach, Ken Novak, noted that the teen is an unselfish player.

While Jayden was offended by the harsh criticism, he still took KD's remarks in stride and reached out the Brooklyn Nets forward on Twitter.

"Thanks for the constructive criticism," Jayden tweeted. "I've grown from my 6th grade year! Maybe we can work on some stuff together!! All love. Hopefully I can get to where you at one day! #keepgrinding."

Look above to view Kevin Durant's tweet.

Source: USA Today