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Part 7: Aaron Carter on Smoking Weed With Michael Jackson
Part 1: Aaron Carter Shows His 4-Day-Old Baby, Named After Michael Jackson


In the latest clip, Aaron Carter talked about his mom trying to convince him to lie to FBI agents about his interactions with Michael Jackson. He recalled hanging out with the King of Pop before arriving at his hotel and being approached by four FBI agents. Carter said he was asked sexually suggestive questions and felt like his mom was trying to encourage him to say what the FBI wanted to hear. Aaron Carter denied any inappropriate behavior from Michael Jackson and addressed the late singer's "Leaving Neverland" accusers. Carter and DJ Vlad also discussed Michael Jackson's children and whether they believe they are biologically his or not. Check out the above clip to hear more.

Aaron also offered his thoughts on arguably today's biggest boy band, BTS. Coming from the peak of the teen pop star/boy band era, Aaron Carter gave his opinion of the group and predicted they will struggle with longevity as most teen acts do. He admitted to not being a fan of their music and questioned the group for having seven members. Later in the clip, Aaron Carter explained why Bruno Mars is currently the best male singer in the world. To hear more, check out the above clip.