A clip of rapper R.A. the Rugged Man and YouTuber Tim Pool getting into a heated argument on Pool's "Timcast IRL" podcast after R.A. told Tim that he was "making up stories" surrounding the Jussie Smollett case and Derek Chauvin's trial.

When Pool responded, claiming that R.A. was insinuating that he is racist, R.A. got at him for raising his voice and insulting him. From there, R.A. got out of his chair and told Pool that he's not one to be disrespected, and he also slapped the mic away before sitting down to address Pool again. Clips of the tense conversation quickly spread around social media, with people claiming that R.A. was about to come to blows with Pool.

The two men later took to Twitter to address the viral clip, with Tim Pool writing, "Everybody sharing that one clip from last night but they don't share the part where we apologize to each other and hug it out RA is a cool dude and a legend. We just got heated and we both felt bad about it." 

R.A. then followed up, writing, "Respect @timcast I was out of line last night. I have a lot of life sh*t going on right now and brought that bullsh*t energy to the show, I have to work on that. I was wrong. I got emotional and reacted like an idiot."