Less than 24 hours after Kevin Durant rebuffed a compliment from Skip Bayless on Twitter. The television sports commentator countered with a rebuttal live on Skip and Shannon: Undisputed 

"Shannon Sharpe! When I first heard of this, yesterday, I laughed and I laughed some more because Kevin Durant has tried to do this to me several times before, dating back to 2012," Bayless said. "And this time, I'm sorry Kevin, I'm not gonna take your bait. I'm not gonna fall into your trap because this is what you need and what you want!"

Kevin Durant's public disdain for Skip Bayless has spanned an entire decade. During which time Skip Bayless has often professed his admiration for Durant and his heroic three-point shot over LeBron James at the 2017 NBA Finals. Skip Bayless even crowned the 6-10 wingman as the best basketball player on the planet. But nevertheless, he has maintained his position that Durant is far too concerned with off-court issues and nonsensical drama on social media for a man of his stature. This consequently has led to a few on-air barbs in between his high praise, like "He is the most thin-skinned superstar I've ever seen." 

Scroll up to watch the full segment of Skip Bayless' response to Kevin Durant from earlier today.