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Part 4: Lil Cease on Becoming Best Friends with Biggie: I was His Biggest Fan
Part 2: Lil Cease on Biggie Starting to Rap at 14, Making 1st Demo After Crack Bid
Part 1: Lil Cease on Growing Up With Biggie, BIG Getting Into Drug Dealing


In this clip, Lil Cease detailed to Shawn Prez just how he got his start in rap. According to Lil Cease, Biggie wrote all of his lyrics early on because Cease wasn’t a rapper. But Biggie saw Cease as a capable performer and relayer of bars which eventually led to him writing his own lyrics after Biggie’s tragic death.
Later in the clip, Lil Cease recounted going on the road with Biggie at 14 after dropping out of school with his mother’s permission.

Interview by Shawn Prez
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