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Part 3: Aaron Carter on Boxing Lamar Odom: He Hits Like a Freight Train
Part 1: Aaron Carter Shows His 4-Day-Old Baby, Named After Michael Jackson


In the latest clip, Aaron Carter explained why he accepted a celebrity boxing match against Lamar Odom. He acknowledged Odom's size advantage but remembered his father using the old phrase, "the bigger they are, the harder they fall." Carter said he put a lot of money into training for the fight but Odom's size was too much to overcome. He admitted to suffering two concussions in the fight before asking for the stoppage. He also talked about getting paid $15,000 for the fight, while Odom was paid $40,000. Carter felt he should have been paid a higher purse and feels like the promoters reneged on including him in the pay per view profits. To hear more, check out the clip above.