DJ Akademiks recently chopped it up with NBA YoungBoy on Clubhouse for his "Off the Record" podcast, and the Baton Rouge native shared his thoughts on record labels. 

In a clip from the sit-down, YoungBoy said artists don't get what they deserve, as he told Akademiks that artists are lucky to see 10% of the money they make. When Akademiks asked YoungBoy what he'd do if Atlantic came to him with $10 million, he responded by saying they've never came to him with $10 million. YoungBoy then stated that he doesn't blame the people around him at Atlantic, adding that they have higher-ups at the label that they have to answer to.

During the 3-hour conversation, NBA YoungBoy also revealed that he's made no money off of the millions of views his videos have done on YouTube. He explained, "I think as you…you learn how badly you’ve been taken advantage of. I never got paid for YouTube a day in my life. N***as make all the money off my YouTube, and then give me a small percentage of my sh*t. All that shit slavery or something. But you know, that’s what we signed up for in this business." 

After revealing that he still is under contract with Atlantic Records for one more album, YoungBoy said that the only other person he'd sign with is Birdman. YoungBoy also stated that the only person he'd one to work with in the industry is Mike Caren of Artist Partner Group, "Other than being a free-agent, or being signed to Stunna, I don't wanna do no business with nobody but Mike Caren. I feel like, Mike gonna support me. ... He was open to my ideas, he didn't try to control the artist or the way I present myself." Check out a clip from the interview above.