Brittany Renner took to Instagram Tuesday night to describe what her life's been like since breaking up with NBA player and the father of her child, PJ Washington. In her video post, Renner revealed that she had to move back in with her mother before recently getting her own place and has been left carless since her breakup.

"Moved into my new place today. Y'all...when I tell you...I have been thuggin," Renner said. "Been living with my mom and my sister -- me, my mom, my sister, my baby -- I mean because two and a half months [ago], I decided to leave. My baby was two and a half months old -- I didn't have anywhere to go. I didn't even have a car, I still don't have a car...this has really been the hardest time of my life."

She continued by instructing her followers to never "relinquish your independence for a relationship." Renner also fought back tears as she thanked those who have supported her during the past few months.

In her caption, she explained the dilemma of not being mentally, physically, or emotionally ready to get back in the gym and resume club hosting but having a child to support. Renner also denied receiving $200,000 in child support and said she's been trying to stay financially afloat. Despite her struggles, seemed optimistic in moving forward with her life.

"I have no shame in my game!!!" she wrote. "I've made a lot of money and blown a lot of money. Despite popular belief, I don't have it all together but each day I DO MY BEST, and each day, my best gets BETTER. Here's to new beginnings, never giving up, and following your heart."