Fabolous recently celebrated his birthday in Las Vegas with an appearance at Drai's, and after the party, he took to his Instagram Stories to poll his followers about being pressured to go to afterparties.

Fab wrote, "You ever get peer pressured to go to the afties [?] You really wanna go home or back to the room but you don't wanna be the turn down to the turn up [?]" 

He then followed up by sharing stories of times he dipped out on afterparties with famous people like Diddy and Mariah Carey. When it comes to Diddy, Fabolous wrote, "I told Diddy I was going to the bathroom and slid once. It was 7 am and this n***a was still turnt!!!!" 

Fabolus then shared that he was hanging with Mariah Carey after doing a verse for one of their collaborations. Fab then told Mariah that he needed to move his car before he was towed, and he left. You can read the full story above.