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Part 4: Brittany Renner on Men She Slept With Making Her Sign NDAs
Part 2: Brittany: My White Grandparents were Racist, They Raised me Whitewashed
Part 1: Brittany Renner Cries: "My White Mom Loved Black D**** More than Me"


In this clip, Brittany Renner spoke about moving to Michigan after leaving her semi-pro soccer team, and she detailed taking odd jobs after moving. She then spoke about starting her Instagram page in 2012, and then WorldStarHipHop reaching out a year later to feature her in a video. After speaking about having over 5 million followers now, Brittany addressed dodging questions about her alleged romance with Colin Kaepernick in her 2014 VladTV interview. Brittany explained that there's nothing to talk about in that respect, but she added that she happy for Kaepernick living in his truth now.