Kanye West took to Instagram late on Thanksgiving to offer up a prayer where he opened up about several topics ranging from his marriage to the performance of his somewhat self-righteous Christian faith. 

“I’m writing this prayer on my way back from taking my mini me to his first football game,” he says. “Saint got to play catch with Tom Brady before the game. This is a God’s dream.”

Ye talked about getting his family back together. “I take accountability for my actions,” he says. “The one thing that all my successes and failures have in common is me.”

He also opened up about some of the demons he's been battling, namely alcoholism. “Let’s start with A, alcohol. I would drink to take the stress away and knock the edge off. Drinking affected my health and the health of people around me. Because I already had a hair-trigger temper and this just heightened it.”

“B episodes. I went into a manic episode in 2016 and I was placed under heavy medication. Since then I went on and off the medication which left me susceptible to other episodes which my wife and family and fans have had to endure.”

Kanye then moved onto his faith. “Religion. Self-righteous Christian behavior. When I got saved, it did not immediately make me a better person. It made a self-righteous Christian.”

Lastly, he opened up about his wife Kim Kardashian not liking how he donned the MAGA hat. “Good lord my wife did not like me wearing the red hat,” he says. “Being a good wife, she just wanted to protect me and our family. I made me and our family a target by not aligned with Hollywood’s political stance and that was hard for our marriage.”

He added, “Then I ran for president without proper preparation and no allies on either side. I embarrassed my wife in the way that I presented information about our family during the one and thank God only press conference.”

Source: instagram.com