A Tennessee man was arrested after bringing an AK-47 into a Little Caesars pizza store and pointing it at employees in response to a 10-minute wait time. 

Charles Douglas Doty Jr., 63, entered the pizza shop and asked for a pepperoni pizza. When he was informed that there weren't any available and that he'd have to wait, Doty became enraged and demanded free breadsticks to make up for there not being any pizza ready at the moment. 

Doty left the store and returned with an AK-47 when he reiterated his demand. A woman in the store at the time was holding a pepperoni pizza they had ordered and gave it to Doty. An employee managed to slip away and call 911 but Doty left the store just before cops arrived. 

When he was apprehended, Doty was charged with aggravated kidnapping and four counts of aggravated assault. 

Source: wbir.com