Dr. Dre claimed in a new court declaration that he hasn't contacted his ex-wife Nicole Young since August 2020, when he sent a final text message expressing his wish for their divorce to be "classy and fair" rather than an "expensive fight."

"Let's keep it friendly and peaceful. Over and Out. I love you," Dr. Dre's last message reportedly read.

During their divorce proceedings, Young accused Dre of abuse which the Hip Hop mogul denied. According to Dre, the former couple has had no contact except in January when she visited him in the hospital after he suffered a brain aneurysm. He claims Young hugged and kissed him before saying she loved him during her visit. However, Young filed for a domestic violence restraining order two months later. Young's request was eventually denied.

"There were never any domestic violence claims made by Nicole before or during our marriage, formal or informal," Dr. Dre said. "At no time were the police ever called during our marriage. I was present for Nicole's deposition. She testified that there are no witnesses to the alleged abuse and she admitted that she never told anyone, including her mother or siblings or other family or friends about any alleged abuse. There are no texts, no emails, no photographs, no videos, no police reports, no domestic violence filings, or other documents evidencing abuse, and no witnesses to her offensive allegations. After learning last August of Nicole's false accusations of abuse, I realized then that I did not know the woman I had married and loved."

Nicole Young is currently attempting to collect $4 million from Dr. Dre in order to pay her lawyer fees. Dre believes Young's abuse allegations are "nothing but an effort to attempt to obtain more money than that to which she is entitled and to what she agreed in our Premarital Agreement."

Source: Radar Online