Memphis rapper Young Dolph was shot and killed Wednesday in his hometown after an alleged shootout.

The shooting happened outside of Makeda's Cookies in Memphis. Bystanders captured the aftermath of the shooting and showed the strip mall surrounded by police and yellow tape. One of the men filming the scene confirmed that it was Young Dolph who was fatally wounded.

"Bruh they done killed Young Dolph bro what the f***...bro ain't no way these folks done just killed Dolph," the man said. "Ain't no way these folks just straight came and ran down on Dolph."

Another bystander pointed out the sports car parked at the strip mall and said the rapper was the only in the city with that car. The sports car had a camouflage paint job, which has been a common theme with Young Dolph's cars.

The bystander who was filming the scene also claimed Young Dolph was shooting back at his attackers, but no official reports have confirmed who all was involved. Young Dolph was 36 years old at the time of his passing.

Stay tuned as the story continues to develop.