VIewers of 50 Cent's BMF series were excited but curious as to how 49-year-old Eminem was able to play a teenage White Boy Rick. In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, 50 Cent revealed how digital professionals were able to make Eminem appear much younger in his brief cameo scene.

"The technology that they used to de-age him was the same thing they used in The Irishman," 50 explained. "Em actually has a beard, so they first took the hair out of his face using the technology, and then they de-aged him all the way down."

White Boy Rick -- whose real name is Rick Wershe -- was released from prison last summer after spending three decades in prison on a drug conviction he received at 17. At 14, he was the youngest informant in FBI history. Three years later, he was arrested for possession of eight kilos of cocaine and was sentenced to life with no intervention from the FBI.

Rick was the youngest non-violent offender to serve more than 30 years behind bars and has since filed a $100 million lawsuit against the FBI, the Detroit Police Department, and federal prosecutors for coercing him into becoming an informant.