Amid reports that Stevie J filed for divorce from Faith Evans, the "Love Like This" singer shared a post on Instagram of her day at the beach with Stevie. Faith captioned the post, "Get us free, bruh! @hitmansteviej_1." 

Faith also seemed to address the recent spotlight on her marriage with a post that read, "Did you know there are 3 places you can stay for free? ‘In your lane,’ ‘Out of my business’ and ‘over there.'" 

Last week, TMZ reported that Steven "Stevie J" Jordan had filed divorce documents at Los Angeles County Superior Court. The famed couple married in a surprise ceremony in front of family and friends in Las Vegas in 2018. Commenting on their union, Faith explained, "We just said after saying we were going to probably get married a few times, we just did it because we were in Vegas and we just said, 'Let’s just do it.'"