DaBaby was recently performing at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas when he reportedly slipped and fell off the stage. While that happened, the rapper allegedly lost a $20,000 ring. The footage of DaBaby falling off surfaced via an Instagram user named @shaydaplugg, who said, “Performing his hit song ‘VIBEZ’ at Drai’s @dababy fell off the stage. While he was in the crowd, fans ripped off his shirt. Then he tried to act like his fall was a part of the show.”

The rapper was pulling off his ripped shirt following the fall and lost his $20K ring in the process. As security looked for the ring, “a female caught the ring and gave it to security. DaBaby allowed her to come on stage and put the ring back on his finger,” according to the IG user. Following that, DaBaby was seen getting on one knee and singing “Let’s Get Married” by Jagged Edge to the woman before placing blame for the fall on his Louie sneakers. Watch above.