YK Osiris took to Instagram to show off his new Drake-inspired haircut after getting a heart shaved into his hairline. YK Osiris even captioned the post of his new look, "Certified lover thug." 

Other rappers, including 21 Savage and Lil Yachty weighed in on YK Osiris' new look, with 21 saying the heart looks more like "Mickey Mouse ears," and Yachty calling YK Osiris "Seltzer Papi," a play on Drake's "Champagne Papi" nickname. 

YK Osiris shot back at the critics in a video, where he stated, "Y’all really don’t get it. Just because I got a little sauce from the great, y’all n***as like uhuh…. but y’all n***as get sauce from the wrong n***as! “I’m getting sauce from the great and that’s Drake. That’s my n***a and that n***a’s the greatest. Hell yeah ima bite a little sauce."