Update 11/02/2021 1:22pm:

Recently, Kevin Gates made an appearance on Gillie and Wallo’s ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game’ and spoke about the practice of “semen retention” if men want to experience better physical health. Now, Kodak Black has seemingly agreed with the information Gates put out there, and took to social media to announce he’d be participating in “No Nut November.”

The challenge allegedly encourages men not to ejaculate during the month of November. Kodak Black went on to say “#SemenRetention All Next Month. #NoNutNovember.” He also talked about where he would be putting his energy in place of the act, saying “Saving My Life Source & Not Wasting My Energy On Foolishness, Changing Fa The Better Completely Starting Tomorrow.” Take a look above.

Original 10/26/2021 2:59pm:

Kevin Gates has gone viral for various moments within the last year, as the rapper showed his daughter with a weapon on Instagram, and also was seen kissing Turk following the rapper’s VladTV interview where he mentioned “gay games.” Now, Gates has given an interesting thought that he says men should consider during sex.

While speaking to Wallo and Gillie for ‘Million Dollaz Worth of Game,’ Gates spoke about how he stays healthy, even going as far as telling the two they should practice “semen retention” if they want to experience better physical health.

Gates went on to say, “Another thing I wanna talk about that's really healing to your body, this is gonna sound crazy, is semen retention. Not releasing no semen. You need to have sex, you can have sex, but your intention should be to please your partner. And don't release no semen. If you feel like you're about to release, stop. And it's gonna heal your central nervous system and everything." The rapper then explained he enjoys foreplay as opposed to sex. Watch above.