A photographer responded to death threats this week after SZA accused him of releasing pictures from a photoshoot they did without her consent.

Once photos of SZA in a blue bikini circulated across social media, fans praised the singer's look. Despite the positive feedback, SZA revealed the release of photos left her feeling "powerless" and "disrespected" as the photographer did so without her permission.

"Releasing pictures of me w out my consent is scary," SZA wrote in a series of since-deleted tweets. "Y'all be careful working w folk u don't know well."

When one follower asked if she was referring to the blue bikini photos, SZA responded, "He literally text me m said 'sorry if u never wanna work w me again but I decided I’m releasing these' never felt more powerless or disrespected."

Edwig Henson, the photographer known as "Edwiggery" on social media, responded to SZA's claims and explained why he released the photos. According to the photographer, he covered the studio, hair, and makeup costs for the photoshoot but was never paid. He claimed him and the singer made a deal to co-own the photos but contracts were never made.

"I respect [SZA's] choice to not want them posted however as a creative who paid for a Studio, Hairstylist, & a Makeup artist and got no form of compensation in return, sharing my work Sza was the only form of compensation I was allowed," he wrote. "She agreed on her buying the photos from me for Co-ownership but had very poor communication with management. Contracts [were] made but never signed. Payment till this day hasn't been made."

Henson added that he was well-intentioned with his work with SZA but felt his time and money was being wasted. He reiterated that he kept reaching out to SZA's team to confirm when he would be paid or when the photos would be released prior to releasing the photos. Henson also claimed he received death threats as a result of SZA's tweets.

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