Part 18: Turk on Ppl Telling Vlad He Shouldn't Be Allowed to Ask Certain Questions
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Part 16: Turk on AJ Johnson GoFundMe: He Was Praised Not Compensated
Part 1: Turk: I Never Said I Slept with a Man in My Last Interview, That was Clickbait


In this clip, Turk opened up about every successful person needing a team of masterminds to get them to that point in their career. Turk explained that he now has multiple streams of income after being inspired by people like Vlad and Soulja Boy, and he added that he made $60,000 during the pandemic on his book. From there, Turk also revealed that he developed a gambling addiction before the pandemic, and he added that he was glad that the casinos were shut down. To hear more, hit the above clip.