Various actresses, models, and media personalities have used music videos and social media to enter more lucrative and professional industries. However, actress Gabrielle Union revealed on JJ Redick's "The Old Man and The Three" podcast that she fell into an acting career while pursuing a career as a video vixen.

The actress explained that, as a senior at UCLA, she took an internship at a company that worked with models and actors in order to complete the rest of her units. At the end of her internship, the company approached her about becoming a client. However, Union admitted that she had no intentions of acting, but yearned to be "the chosen video h*e."

"I had such low self-esteem, I wanted to be a video h*e so bad. That's all I wanted," she said. "I didn't wanna be in movies, I didn't wanna be in commercials, I wanted to be the chosen video h*e."

She clarified that the term transitioned to "video vixen" and later "IG models" before admitting she found difficulty achieving that goal. She explained that she didn't have the "desired look" as she didn't have big breasts or a big butt. Union revealed that she auditioned for various music videos, including 2Pac and Dr. Dre's "California Love" video.

Gabrielle Union admitted to falling into an acting career by pursuing her goal of appearing in music videos. She eventually started booking gigs at auditions and started receiving requests to appear in videos once she became a recognizable actress.

"Once I became an actor that people could recognize, then I became this in-demand video vixen," she continued. "I did the Busta Rhymes video, LL Cool J and Mark Nelson, a Montell Jordan video, an Uncle Sam video -- I feel like there's more but I can't remember."

When asked how her career would've panned out if she were pursuing entertainment today, Gabrielle Union admitted that she wouldn't have had a career because she was "wild" in her youth before social media and camera phones. To hear Gabrielle Union describe pursuing a career as a video vixen, watch the above interview between 12:45 - 15:32.