Bun B recently sat with B High ATL and retold the story behind the recording of their classic feature with Jay-Z entitled "Big Pimpin'." 

During the conversation, Bun B revealed what went down during the video shoot and how Pimp C's stubborness was actually endearing to Hov. The video was originally set to be shot in Trinidad & Tobago, however, Pimp C wasn't thrilled about the destination.

“I’m not going to no motherf**kin’ Trinidad to shoot no goddamn video," said Pimp. As a result, Pimp C shot his part of the video in Miami. 

“He showed up in the Benz,” Bun B said of Pimp when they filmed in Miami. Pimp showed up with his girlfriend at the time while sporting a Mink coat in 90+ weather. “They’re like, ‘Pimp, you’re really gonna wear this coat?’ Jay-Z was like, ‘My n***a you know it’s hot out here,” he continued. “Pimp looked at him and said, ‘TV ain’t got no temperature.’ And walked off. Jay-Z looked at me and said, ‘Your brother’s a motherf**king star.’”

Source: youtube.com