LaLa Anthony broke her silence on her recent divorce with NBA superstar Carmelo Anthony in a new interview with Angie Martinez.

During the sit-down, the two discussed how different dating is compared to over a decade ago. LaLa admitted that she didn't think she'd go through marriage again after officially ending her 15-year relationship with Carmelo Anthony earlier this year. When Martinez asked how she was dealing with her divorce, she revealed that she and Carmelo had been separated years before officially filing for divorce.

"It's been years now since then," LaLa said. "Like, to a lot of people, it feels like this single thing is new. It's been years now that we've separated and stuff, so I've dealt with the emotions behind it and I still have my moments but, for the most part, I can talk about it now and laugh about it and find the humor in it all. Otherwise, I'd be a basket case...I already went through that part."

When Martinez asked about her emotional state when the marriage started to fall apart, LaLa responded, "I was bad because it was public, I was bad because there were other people involved, I was bad because there were allegations -- it got bad."

LaLa added that the interview was the first time she was talking about the divorce and claimed she had received various offers from outlets, such as Red Table Talk, to discuss her divorce. She also admitted that the divorce hit her "really hard" and she wasn't expecting her marriage to end the way it did.

However, she said that with time, therapy, and finding other passions, she was able to move forward. To hear more, check out the above clip.