The United States rolled out COVID-19 vaccines, and some states have been rolling out mandates while other states have been mum on the matter. The vaccination matter has caused a divide amongst many, who have been deemed “anti-vax” because they do not wish to get the vaccine at this time. The issue has even found people like NBA player Kyrie Irving dealing with the repercussions of not getting vaxxed.

Blac Chyna is among those who received the vaccine and made it clear while in the airport recently that she isn’t trying to be in close proximity of people who aren’t. While at the Miami International Airport, a fan reportedly came up to Chyna to ask her for a photo.

Chyna allegedly went off on the woman noting that she better be vaccinated. In the video, Chyna can be heard telling the woman “Go get your f**king vaccine and stop being stupid, hoe!” Despite the rant, the police weren’t called. Watch above.