Kodak Black recently took to social media to speak on his feelings as of late, with the rapper going on to say, “So Lonely Depressed Sad & Fucked Up... Nobody Love Me Nobody Cares... I'm Everywhere @ Once... Friends Playin In My Head... Girls Playin Wit My Heart, Wish I Can Go Back To The Start I'll Never Be Famous.” He continued in another tweet, saying, “Sitting In My Room Crying Feel Like Killing Myself. ” The rapper then went on to delete his profiles from Twitter and Instagram. Now, Kodak Black has returned to Instagram to address his feelings, noting he isn’t suicidal.

Kodak went on to say, “I mean maybe that wasn't the best thing to tweet and very selfish of me to let a thought like that succumb.” He continued saying, “I apologize to me for doubting myself like I'm ain't a raw a** gangsta a** n***a but thugs need love too you know and it's totally unfair to the people that DO Love me that DO Care & wanna see me happy and successful, however that looks like.”

The rapper concluded by saying, “Thanks to everybody that was concerned and the calls and texts as I understand I made a bold statement but don't worry I'm not suicidal and have no plans on harming myself."

News of this comes after Kodak Black and his team asked a judge for permission to leave Florida to finish out his treatment. Take a look above.