Charli Baltimore recently sat down with The Art of Dialogue, where she detailed getting in a car crash with Biggie and Lil Cease, who was behind the wheel.

Speaking about the crash, Charli said she saw her life flash before her eyes as the car was flipping over. After the car stopped, Charli stated that she thought it was raining, but it was actually blood from their respective injuries. Charli revealed that she and Lil Cease were ejected from the vehicle, while Biggie was pinned inside, requiring the jaws of life to free him. She added that Biggie had to go to rehab to learn how to walk again after the accident. 

During the sit-down, Charli also detailed getting into a fight with Biggie the day before he was fatally shot after finding photos of him with other women. Charli said she left L.A. that day, and she added that she could've been in the car with him when he was shot. To hear more, including getting the call that Biggie had passed, hit the video above.