NBA YoungBoy is continuing his creative output despite still being locked up. In preparation for his forthcoming album, Sincerely, Kentrell, which will release tonight, YoungBoy released a poem as part of the rollout. 

The poem, entitled "Deep In Me" reads: 

the deeper in myself I search the 
more confused I seem to be
as I feel more lost the
more I feel green
green in a way most people describe today
as being naive
For the love I want
For the love I dream
For the trust I beg of
For the loyalty I bleed
For freedom I pray for because
Since my quest begun
Short Im hoping for it to be as I seek
to you my past mean
nothing who my flaws mean
all to me (DEEP IN ME)

YoungBoy's connection to his fans via his introspection and brash attitude has sparked comparisons to the iconic Tupac Shakur. Not to mention the conditions of the prison, and using poems and letters as an outlet similar to Pac.