Birdman not only explained why he kissed Lil Wayne, during his interview on the Big Facts Podcast, but he also claimed he gave a combined $1.4 billion to his three most successful artists after landing a lucrative deal with Universal Records.

While speaking with Big Bank, DJ Scream, and Baby Jade, the Cash Money CEO said he gave Lil Wayne and Drake about $500 million each and Nicki Minaj collected $400 million. Birdman added that he paid the three artists out of his own pocket.

"When Universal gave me a bag, brother, I could honestly say I gave Wayne about $400 to $500 million, Drake got about $500 million, and Nicki got about $300, $400 million...out of my pocket. No cap. If you don't believe me, ask them," Birdman stated.

During the interview, Birdman also talked about settling his financial dispute with Lil Wayne. He noted that he became a successful executive at a young age and acknowledged the financial mistakes he may have made. However, Birdman claimed he settled any financial disputes he had with former and current artists.

"I don't get my feelings in it, but I ain't never took from no n****," Birdman said. "I always bless n*****. I had some incidents early on because I was really young in this s***. I ain't know no better. But, any problem I had I cleared it up. I paid my n****. Remember because I was young. I'm telling you 20 years old. So, a lot of s*** happened early on, I just ain't know. And I'm with these White folks and they not attending to the business...Any problem from my son on down, and I gave him 50 million, I cleared it up. I ain't want my name like that, especially with Wayne…I'm nothing without this dude."

Look above to view the clip of Birdman claiming he gave Lil Wayne, Drake, and Nicki Minaj $1.4 billion.