Recently, Lil Baby got into a whole fiasco with FakeWatchBuster, who tried to call out the authenticity of the rapper’s $400,000 Patek Phillipe Nautilus watch. Lil Baby has called out the jeweler since then, saying, “don’t f*ccin play wit me.” Now, it seems another jeweler is calling out a rapper, as Eliantte & Co have filed legal documents against Playboi Carti, claiming he owes over $97,000 for jewelry.

According to the documents, Eliantte worked on a 14-carat white gold diamond rosary chain, along with a custom diamond tennis chain for the rapper. The order for both items was made in September 2020, and the jewelry ended up coming to a total of $197,063.75. Carti reportedly paid $100,000 on January 25 but never got around to paying off the rest, despite demands for the balance. Now, Eliantte is taking legal action. As of now, Playboi Carti hasn’t responded. Stay tuned for more updates.

source: TMZ