Transgender YouTube star Nikita Dragun went viral on social media due to her "D.I.C.K." music video earlier this week. Dragun uses the likeness of various celebrities throughout the video while writing the word, "d***," in the imagery. She also led viewers to believe she was outing Tyga after showing a direct message she received from the rapper.

In the image, she shows a DM from Tyga that reads, "Text me," while blocking out his phone number. Dragun's suggestion came a month after Tyga's ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, claimed he "loves Trans."

After social media users questioned Tyga over his DM to Nikita Dragun, the rapper stated that his message was in regards to a music video that the two were working on.

"My company shot and directed a music video for her a while back that never dropped. Not sure why she added my likeness to this," Tyga responded before tweeting, "Ladies and gentlemen clout kills."

Following Tyga's response, Nikita Dragun was criticized for suggesting the rapper was hitting on her. She issued a statement in her Instagram Story, clarifying that she was not romantically involved with everyone she featured in the video. She also called out her critics for their assumption and sexualizing transgender women.

"And no. I didn't not hookup with all the people in the video," she wrote. "Y'all are so quick to sexualize Trans Women...we can be friends with dudes. It is U who put the narrative that a man will only want to be with a Trans woman for sex."

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