Jake Paul came out earlier this week and said he would not be having a rematch with UFC legend Tyron Woodley because he hadn't got the "I Love Jake Paul" tattoo, which was a stipulation for the potential rematch. 

However, Woodley told TMZ on Wednesday that he tried getting the tattoo but claimed the artist flaked on the session. According to Woodley, this is just a ploy Jake is using to duck him in the ring. 

"I wasn't willing, I was waiting," Woodley said "We was in the basement of the hotel waiting, no food, up late, looking stupid. Nah, it was not willing, it was waiting. I was waiting on him to follow through with they end of the deal."

Tatu Baby, who was handpicked to tattoo the loser of the match, confirmed that she left the venue an hour after the fight because she hadn't believed either fighter would go through with the tattoo. 

Source: youtube.com