The feud between Katt Williams and Kevin Hart dates back several years and was brought up again when Williams was asked about Verzuz among comedians.

Katt Williams recently claimed in an interview that he's the originator of Verzuz and no one, other than Richard Pryor, could defeat him in a comedic battle when he was asked if he would have a Verzuz battle with Kevin Hart.

"I started Verzuz," Katt Williams responded. "The first Verzuz ever promoted was Steve Harvey vs. Katt Williams. It was the underground Kings of Comedy versus -- and sold as versus. So we don't need to ask me if I would have any interest in things that I am the originator of."

The comedian added that battling other comedians is his specialty, so going up against Hart would be "almost cheating" for him. Williams also referenced his comedy specials and stated that every other living comedian would lose in a Verzuz battle against him.

"Comedically beefing is my lane. It's almost cheating for me," he continued. "I have over 10 specials. I don't have to pick but two jokes from each special and I've already deaded anyone whose last name ain't Pryor anyway."

Despite his confidence, Katt Williams rejected a Verzuz with Kevin Hart due to both comedians being too successful. Williams concluded his responses by highlighting his career achievements, which include over 50 films, almost 50 television appearances, nearly a dozen comedy specials, and an Emmy while acknowledging Hart's success as one of the most box office comedy acts.

"It's almost a battle we can't really afford to be in because he's on his 16th 100-city tour," Williams said. "So, it probably don't match up the way you think it match up."

Look above to hear Katt Williams' full response.