50 Cent recently sat down with Vanity Fair, where he took a lie detector test that covered everything from his romantic relationships to the truth in his lyrics. 

During the sit-down, the interviewer asked Fif if he was really "high all the time" in his song of the same name, and he stated, "Well, I was high all the time, but everybody else was smoking around me." He then went on to confirm that he once told Snoop Dogg to stop smoking so much weed on set, which led to Snoop telling him, "Leave me alone...this sh*t is legal." 

Moving along, 50 Cent was asked about his romantic relationships, and he revealed that he has slid in DMs, adding that it works most of the time. He also admitted that he's on good terms with most of his exes, including Ciara and Chelsea Handler. To hear more, including 50 reacting to Eminem not following him on Instagram, hit the above clip.