Quavo recently sat down for an in-depth conversation with Taylor Rooks for Bleacher Report, where he spoke about the influence his group, Migos, has had on the current hip-hop landscape. 

"The triplet flow, for sure," said the Atlanta icon. "Wasn't nobody doin' it before we came and right now, everybody's doing it. It's a blessing."

Rooks seconded Quavo's claim by quoting David Banner who said there are tons of artists biting Migos' style without properly giving them credit.

"They just don't want to give credit," said Quavo. "You don't want to come in, being new, and say you took somebody style or sayin' you got the style of... You don't want to say that you influenced by too many young people, 'cause you don't know how people will take it."

However, Quavo's remarks drew much pushback from people on social media who pointed to artists like Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs as the true progenitors of the triplet flow. 

Source: instagram.com