According to reports, the National Basketball Association has elected not to subject its players to COVID-19 vaccination mandates. However, NBA referees and many members of team personnel will have to be vaccinated. Per The Athletic's Shams Charania, the mandate includes coaches, front-office members, medical and equipment staff, player development, team, and arena security, social media team members, PR employees, and those who work at the scorer's table. 

The league is still in negotiations with the NBPA (National Basketball Players' Association) to develop a COVID-19 vaccination protocol for the upcoming season. NBPA officials have already alerted the league that a player-wide vaccination mandate is a "non-starter." 

Roughly 85% of players are vaccinated, a league spokesman recently told ESPN earlier this month. The league's decision not to mandate vaccinations among its players comes on the heels of President Biden mandating vaccines for companies with over 100 employees.