Nicki Minaj recently fired off some choice words at MSNBC anchor Joy-Ann Reid after the anchor called out Minaj for a message perceived to be one against the COVID-19 vaccine. However, Nicki ended up saying she would be getting vaccinated at some point, but not before calling Reid “Uncle Tomiana.” Now, Charlamagne has come to the defense of Minaj following her comments.

While on the ‘Breakfast Club’ during their “Rumor Report” segment, Charlamagne said, “I respect Joy-Ann Reid. She's the homie but she missed a real moment to teach yesterday because Nicki never said 'don't take the vaccine' but she also, in the very next tweet, said she will probably get vaccinated to go on tour. Joy could've used that moment on her show to correct Nicki on whatever misinformation she put out. She could've said, 'Nicki Minaj is encouraging people to do their research about the vaccine.’”

Charlamagne went on from there, saying, “Nicki said Drake is vaccinated and she's going to get vaccinated to go on tour. So if Drake's vaccinated, and Nicki wants to get vaccinated, why aren't you? That's what Joy could've done.” Listen above.