LaRon Hines has been going viral on TikTok due to the videos where he hilariously interviews pre-schoolers about their intelligence before asking them questions about life. Now, Hines has done a celebrity version of ‘Are You Smart?’ and features appearances from Kehlani and 42 Dugg.

Kehlani was super hype about Hines’ question, who quizzed her on her own song. When Hines got to 42 Dugg, the rapper hilariously said the opposite when asked, “are you smart?”

Hines responded by saying, “You supposed to say yes, bro!” Dugg then said, “No again.” Hines continued saying, “Well, anyways, finish the lyric. ‘Before I got broke like Joc..’” Dugg responded by continuing his lyric while laughing. Hines revealed in another tweet that Dugg actually asked him if he was a member of B5 before they filmed. Watch above.