Part 22: Turk: BG Got 14 Years Because He's a Hot Boy
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Part 20: Turk on Overdosing on Heroin 3 Days Before Shootout with Cops
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In the latest clip, Turk talked about his prison sentence following a shootout out with cops. After rejecting the prosecution's 51-month plea offer, due to fear that the police would file a lawsuit against him, he took his case to trial and received a 10-year federal sentence and a 12-year state sentence. While both sentences were supposed to run concurrently, Turk proved the prosecution violated the deal and ended up serving eight years of what could have been a 22-year sentence. Turk also talked about his woman staying loyal to him during his incarceration despite only dating for two months prior to his legal issues. Check out the above clip to hear Turk explain how he was able to cheat on his woman while incarcerated.