Update 08/15/2021 1:41pm:

Previously, PJ Washington and Brittany Renner made headlines after an unconfirmed rumor went viral saying Washington had to pay Renner $200,000 a month in child support. Washington responded to the rumor by saying “Stop the [cap].”

Now, Washington has taken to social media to reveal more details about the strained situation between him and Renner. The two have a child together, and according to Washington, Renner hasn’t been letting him see their kid. Via his Instagram Stories, PJ said “Don’t understand why I can’t see my son ☹️.” Stay tuned for more details.

Original 08/11/2021 6:43pm:

Social media users reacted to a viral post claiming NBA forward PJ Washington has to give Brittany Renner $200,000 per month for child support. The basketball player was the subject of countless memes and jokes, especially after he posted and deleted a tweet seemingly accusing Renner of "faking it all along."

The former couple started dating after Renner, who's six years older than Washington, attended one of his college basketball games. Renner and Washington went public in 2020 after Washington was the number twelve pick in the 2019 NBA Draft and had a baby boy by May 2021. However, the couple ended their relationship just a few months later.

After the unconfirmed rumor went viral, Washington was forced to comment on the matter Wednesday by simply tweeting, "Stop the [cap]."

If the rumor were true, Renner would make an estimated $42 million during the 18 years she'd be collecting child support payments. Washington is currently still on his rookie and has made about $8 million in his career so far. He's expected to earn another $14 million over the next two NBA seasons.