Passengers exiting the plane of a Frontier Airlines flight to Miami found themselves in the middle of a brawl. 

According to reports, a passenger became angry with another who they believed was taking too long getting their luggage and clearing the aisle. Words were exchanged, and racial slurs were tossed around before punches began flying. 

Kiera Pierre Louis, a musical artist who goes by the name Milli Miami, recorded the incident and shared the melee on Tik Tok. “You can see the white man on top of the Black passenger just beating him between the seats. The flight attendant got involved. The white man’s wife got involved. His son, I believe, and his son’s girlfriend — everyone was just involved,” Pierre Louis told reporters. 

“The Black passenger had to wait on the plane, when he didn’t even start it, and the police, while we were walking off the plane, walked right past the person, the white man who actually initiated everything," Pierre Louis continued. However, Miami-Dade police said the passenger only stayed behind in order to file a police report.

After the incident, Frontier Airlines issued the following statement: 

“Yesterday as a flight from Philadelphia to Miami was deplaning at MIA, a physical altercation broke out among passengers who were towards the back of the aircraft. The flight crew requested law enforcement assistance. All passengers involved were asked to remain on the aircraft however some disregarded the flight crew’s instructions. Ultimately, local law enforcement became involved.”