Tyler Perry has admitted he doesn't have a writer's room and writes all of his shows by himself. However, viewers are encouraging the prolific filmmaker to hire writers after a scene from his television, Sistas, went viral over some cringe-worthy lines.

In the viral scene, Calvin Rodney (played by Anthony Dalton) is breaking up with Sabrina Hollins (played by Novi Brown) when he starts to list the reasons why they won't work. What was likely meant to be a serious scene ended up being comedic to many due to the actor's lines.

"Let's just end this," says the actor to his girlfriend. "I'm just too much for you. Me, my two dads, me being in touch with my feminine side, my lace underwear, hell, even me liking my prostate tickled!"

While many found the viral scene funny, others felt the scene is a sign that Tyler Perry needs to hire writers rather than carry the load by himself.

"The thing [is] Tyler Perry could be giving young black talented writers opportunities but be rather recycle plots and story lines from 10 years ago and i like don't get it," wrote one Twitter user, while another tweeted, "Look, I appreciate what Tyler Perry has done for black people making movies, lifting up actors and workers, but I'mma need this n**** to uplift some writing talent."

Look above to view the scene.