Fed-up workers at a Lincoln, Nebraska Burger King took a collective stand and walked out on the job. Their group resignation went viral due primarily to the message they left on the restaurant marquee. 


According to former employees, they reached their limit with the poor work conditions and long hours. “They have gone through so many district managers since I’ve been GM,” said former general manager Rachel Flores who was among the disgruntled workers that resigned. “No one has come to the store to help me out. They’re so in and out.”

Flores told reporters the sign was something they all came up with to “just kind of a laugh to upper management.” 

“I didn’t think anybody was going to notice it, because we did just one sign, and then it went pretty crazy on Facebook,” she said. “I got a call from my upper management and they told me I needed to take it down.” 

Source: twitter.com