Part 42: Boosie Goes Off TI & Tiny's Accusers: "Ain't Nobody Trying to Drug You B****!"
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Part 40: Boosie on Casanova Targeted in RICO Case: Feds Clout Chase Like Everyone
Part 1: Boosie on Young Thug Rapping He'll "Beat a Few Bodies Like Boosie" on 'Ski'


In the latest clip, Boosie responded to DJ Vlad being blamed for Casanova's case despite Nick Cannon's interview being used to deny the rapper's bail. Boosie also talked about prosecutors targeting rappers for their gang affiliations because they don't have the evidence to prosecute them for actual crimes. Boosie predicted that 60-70% of gang members will be locked up in three years due to gang enhancement laws. Check out the above clip to hear more.

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